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Mom’s Dream

“MoMong” means mom’s dream. The name “MoMong” carries our philosophy about people and the world beyond our mission. We see the world with mom’s heart. We create even a single product or service with all our heart and soul, with mom’s heart for children.

We believe that technology becomes genuine only when it is percolated in people’s lives. We believe that the technology that is optimized for individual lives to be enjoyed is of the highest value, not just in the surprise of being one-time.

So, we serve the “dish” of innovative technology containing content of various stories that reflect the world. Our great journey to change and surprise the world will last forever.



The first mission of the supporters of the book for children is completed

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Momong Crew OST PART 2 ‘On the Road (Piano ver.)’ is released

The New Age song with impressive piano performance, 'On the road (Piano ver.)' is released!

Momong Crew’s 1st digital single ‘Hey, listen to this song of the doubt’ is released

The first song by Momong Crew that comforts your life with addictive melody and rhymes, 'Hey, listen to this song of the doubt' is release!


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