The new book, <Always on your side>, is released

Our best friend and guardian angel, “MOMONG CREW“, is ready to say hello to the world. Momong Crew members are our reliable friends who will preserve the safety and happiness of our mind when we are tired and exhausted, facing the world on our behalf and raising us up! Having their own strong personalities, Momong Crew are born with the motif of a cat that never leaves people’s side and pays attention and affection. Friends who understand who we really are. They are cute and mysterious friends who sometimes make people laugh with their mischievous jokes and wake us up making cutting remarks. Is there anyone else who listen to us with all their heart and understand without saying anything?


Momong Crew is available through both e-books and paper books. Starting with this book, Momong Crew is going to come up with a series of richer and more ingenious episodes. It will also appear on various SNS channels to laugh and cry together to convey our emotions and comfort, pervading people’s lives more friendly with various and interesting collaborations such as character goods, theme OSTs, and messenger emoticons.