The new book, <Good Night>, is released

“Learn to sleep by putting the world to sleep.” Don’t wrestle with children anymore who doesn’t want to sleep. Let them realize by themselves why they should sleep.

Having to go to bed is not a fun time for children because they can’t play anymore. The more they feel sad, the more they keep doing the child keeps doing other things to avoid sleeping. Parents want their child to sleep early, so that they can take some rest. When their child doesn’t sleep, parents end up getting angry and the child starts crying. It’s a situation that almost all parents who have a child experience. How good would it be if a child’s bedtime become a fun play? That’s what “Good Night” is for. Sleep time that must be kept for our children to grow healthy. If you read and follow this book as if you play with your child, the stress and peevishness of your child before sleep will be gone.


The work of a lengthy period of time, “Good Night”, creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. When a child sees ‘Maru’, he or she will feel friendly by empathizing with and focusing on the book. Based on the peaceful daily life with the warm and beautiful colors used in this book, each page looks like a watercolor painting. Also, there are kind guidance and words that we want to give to parents.