The first mission of the supporters of the book for children is completed

From Nov. 18th to Dec. 1st, we had recruited the supporters of the book <Good Night>. Thirteen people had been selected as supporters, and from Dec. 7th to 18th, carried out a mission to post candid reviews on social media and blogs after reading the book with their children.

Let’s take a look at the reviews that the supporters wrote!



– Instagram @wj_****** –





– Naver blog @hhb*** –



As we announced when we recruited supporters, we selected best supporters. All the supporters performed the mission so well that after a long period of consideration, we selected them fairly according to the internal evaluation standard.

Here are the best supporters of the first mission of <Good Night> supporters.


1st place – (100,000 KRW) SSG gift card
@sh_******** (Instagram)

2nd place- (50,000 KRW) SSG gift card

@hhb**** (Instagram)

3rd(tied) place – (30,000 KRW) SSG gift card
@hye***** (Instagram)
@yeo**** (Instagram)


In addition to these selected as outstanding supporters, those who completed the mission are awarded a 10,000 KRW SSG gift card and an emblem of Momong.

Furthermore, these people who completed this first mission will be given the priority to participate in upcoming events without having to apply, so they can experience Momong’s products and services first.