Cry whenever you want to

– Lyrics –

You can cry whenever you wanna cry
You can have a good cry until you’re okay
Please don’t mind others, just do what you wanna do
Never mind the ones who say something that hurts your heart
until you and your broken heart be okay
until you and your broken heart be okay
It’s okay. That is not a shame at all my friend
Everything goes crazy, making you exhausted then
Stop there just for a moment.
When it’s getting blurry and teary in front of your eyes
Just cry your heart out

You remember? We were born crying~ and that was the very first thing we did
No one didn’t cry when we all first met the world, and unconsciously we forgot this as we grow up
Please don’t tell me not to cry never again
Can’t hold my tears back cuz my heart is broken
When you don’t have the courage to take a step,
and feel like your eyes are filling with the tears,
It’s okay. You can just have a good cry
Everyone has the day like this
Until you be okay, until your heart is okay. So you don’t have to worry
Just you can cry your heart out

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Naver VIBE