A story book that develops the sleeping habits of a child
who sleeps and wakes up with the world.

“Learn to sleep by putting the world to sleep.”
Don’t wrestle with a child anymore who doesn’t want to sleep.
A magical time in which the whole process of going to bed becomes a fun game.

How good would it be if a child’s bedtime became a fun play?
The book “Good Night is the key.
The must-have sleep time for our children to grow healthy.

The work of a lengthy period of time of painting and writing,
“Good Night” is very scientifically organized to suit the developmental characteristics of infants.

Now, both children and parents can go to bed more fun and pleasantly.
Learn the right sleeping habits by having fun with this book.


The main character of this book, ‘Maru,’ is
a young and humorous child with a temperament of laughter and tears,
who can say what he wants to say to the end,
who likes sweet chocolate more than normal meal and hates carrots,
who loves playing soccer with his dad in the park on weekends,
who is one of the youngest fans of Lionel Messi,
who likes Messi just because his dad likes him, who is scared of lion but fascinated by its strength,
who is full of joy,
who gets to know a new world every day with his beloved doll and best friend, Coco.

Children can spontaneously learn good sleeping habits through Maru who goes to sleep by putting the world to sleep.

the night everyone fell asleep

Good Night