MOMONG CREW – Always On Your Side

Welcome aboard the spaceship ‘Earth’ that travels through the infinite space and time of the universe! Our friend and warm-hearted companion, Momong Crew, is always there for your safety and welfare. Here’s Momong Crew, who is always on your side in your lonely, sad, and exhausted life!

This book is available with both paperback and ebook.


Here’s whom you will have a journal with

The Spaceship “Earth”

Sometimes, when you think about wandering alone between the stars in this vast universe,
you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with endless loneliness and desolation.


But don’t worry.

A little bird told me that Earth is a spaceship,
and we are the passengers on the spaceship called “Earth” in the endless universe.

And there must be a crew on every spaceship
for the safety and welfare of the passengers.

Of course, on the spaceship “Earth”, where we are,
there are crew members who will help passengers have a happy trip,
so they won’t be lonely or sad.

As you may have noticed, that is Momong Crew.
Momong Crew will always be there for you.

All you have to do is think about an exciting journey with Momong Crew.

Okay, let’s go!