A Scottish Fold kitten who listens to people better than anyone else
A cat who knows how to console others
A cat who knows that it is comforting not to speak a lot,
but to listen with all its heart

No one knows about the birth of Mungmung.
Since Momong was very young,
Mungmung has grown up from the size of a tiny bean.
Now it is on Momong’s shoulder.

A Spaniel dog, who is so close to Momong that
it gets confused about whether it is a cat or dog.

The only villain in Momong Crew, called Crush,
whose real name is Minnie.

A very pretty Turkish Angora cat named Gela who has magical odd eyes

An SNS addict and attention seeker
who never puts down its smartphone.

A funny character, a Cheese Tabby cat, who loves drinking Soju.

Koalas who are too lazy for anything ‘Coco and Cori’
Because they sleep 22 hours a day, timing is very important to see them.

A living ancestor of the cat who has lived so long that no one can figure out his age

A Russian Blue cat with wisdom of the world, Lune, is full of mystery.

A friend of the crew members with many different roles
So its name is ‘Cloud Any’.